Monday, July 27, 2009

"Human Salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted" - Martin Luther King Jr.

Let's make a positive change

and rise against the enemy

the illuminati is who we need to beat

the Bilderberg Group is who we need to beat

Corrupted Gov is what we need to beat

the what we need to beat

It's funny how the world goes round and round

December 21st, 2012 it's going down

A postive change is hopefully on the way

cuase we really need it

like the people in Katrina they really needed FEMA.

And I won't buy into these 9/11 lies

told by political criminals that got you hypnotized,

by MK-ULTRA you better believe it

cause I told ya'the Pentagon wasn't hit by a plane,

it's all the sameThe 7/7 London bombings,

it was a black project, that caused it,

secret government agency involvement

and with our freedom being taken left and right,

We have no choice but to stand, unite, and fight.

It's on us to change this world.

Truth can only save this world.

And all I want is harmony

hope it'll come to me

And all I want is to be free

hope I can make you see

That the world is a web of lies

Spun right before your eyes

With their plan to globalize

Don't go run and hide,

Just stand up and face it,

Let'em know... that you can beat their Matrix,

by getting educated, by searching the web,

get that infor-mation inside your head.

And there's nobody that can stop me

cause i'm like the Annunaki with great powers

to crush the entire illuminati,

and we don't have to be afraid anymore

cause the world is ours,

so come along and enjoy.



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